Monday, February 4, 2013

What's your Excuse?

We all have excuses!!! Excuses are those REALLY GOOD reasons WHY we CAN'T do something we really want to do or should do. These excuses are just a WALL that is in the way of doing what you really dream and want to do! We find ourselves frequently defending our excuses and backing them up with reasons why they are legit. 

What if you take a moment to really DIG DEEP in to your excuses!?!?! The next time you think of something you know you should do or really want to do and you automatically come up with an excuse out of habit. This some how makes you feel better about giving up on your dreams or putting aside something you know that you really need to do. We do it subconsciously .. with out even thinking .. It's our automatic answer! Next time you find yourself telling yourself something that you need to do or want to do - Why not really think about it consciously before you have the chance to make the WORLDS BIGGEST EXCUSE! 

You should ask yourself these two questions - 
1. What is stopping me? 
2. What can I do about it? 

You will find that when you answer question number 1 - It will be more excuses. You will come up with all kinds of things that are stopping you. BUT instead of just answering with out even thinking you will be really thinking about it - you will really explore WHAT is STOPPING YOU! 

Usually, we only ask ourselves number 1 and then we are done! That's all ... We have the excuses and we move on. BUT .. I really want you to start exploring number 2 in this process. 

What can YOU do about it!?!? What can you shift around to make it work - If it's something you KNOW you have to get done or something you dream of, desire, or really want to do then you really need to explore question number 2. 
Does your excuse have a solution? 

We all are pretty good at solving other peoples problems but when it comes to our own we have all kinds of excuses as to why we can't do it ourselves. So I know that you can come up with some solutions to your own excuses. I'm not saying that it's going to be easy fixes and it may take some shifting of schedules, budgeting, rearranging, shuffling, and even a change of mindset BUT I KNOW that if you REALLY REALLY want something .. you WILL find a WAY to make it happen!! 

Now that you have your solution you have to actually DO IT! This is where many people get stuck. They still sit there at point A - Not taking any action in the plan that they just set forth. You can sit there for hours clearing all of the obstacles and walls that are in your way but still not take that road that you just cleared. You just stand there sitting at point A - knowing that you want to get to point B ... But you just can't find it in you to move in that direction. 

So what is the DEAL!?!? Why aren't you moving!?!? 

Well ... Maybe you don't really want to be at Point B!? 

Maybe you are thinking it's only what you SHOULD want and not what you REALLY want? 

Maybe you are letting fear get in the way of you moving forward. 

Maybe you believe you don't deserve to be there.... 

It is so easy for us to make a ton of excuses to hid under or procrastinate because it makes things easier for that moment. We find so many ways to hurt ourselves and set ourself up for failure. 

We just sit there .. STUCK! Don't let this be you. 

Dig Deep - Find the root of the problem ... and the truth as to why you are holding yourself back. It may not be easy and it may hit an emotional spot. But it's important to find what is REALLY holding you back from accomplishing what you you desire. 

ONLY THEN can you find the freedom to move in the direction that you are looking to move in .. the desires that YOU have set for yourself and the DREAMS that YOU dream of. 

If you want some help getting out of the mess that you are in - Change your eating habits, creating an exercise routine, discovering yourself and working towards the person you want to become. I'd love to spend some time chatting with you about what is holding you back and how we can move forward. Email me - Click here to schedule a 1 on 1 complimentary session. We can talk about your goals, what is holding you back, and find a way to move forward. 
You DESEVE to have what you truly desire!!