Friday, December 28, 2012

Jerica's Shakeology Story

I get people all the time asking me about Shakeology and comparing it to regular protein shakes you can buy at GNC for a fraction of the cost. I also have it compared to weight loss shakes like Slim Fast. Well, i'm here to tell you Shakeology is nothing like either of those. Sure It does aid in weight loss and it does contain protein but Shakeology is a nurition shake that is equivalent to 5 trips to the salad bar. You get all the nutrients your body is craving and needs in ONE delicious shake. It's actually quiet unbelievable. Even I was skeptical of Shakeology when I first heard about it. I asked the question that everyone asks .. "why does it cost so much?" 

Well now that I have been on Shakeology for 6 months and have received so much success from this one little shake I can tell you "why". 

Shakeology actually isn't expensive if you break it down. If you already eat healthy you know how much it costs to buy healthy organic food. Even a cup of coffee or a pre-made salad costs more than the price of one shake. Shakeology cost $4 a shake with a 30 day supply and  it's great because you can make it quick and be on the go and have a nutritious, clean, delicious meal in minutes. 

Blend it up with some almond milk, ice, and your fruit of choice and you are on your way. 

It's convient for ..

- Moms or Dads on the go
- Someone who works a lot and needs a quick meal
- If you don't enjoy eating veggies 
- If you feel sluggish and need a natural energy boost.
- Are sick constantly - Shakeology can give your immune system a boost
- Have high blood pressure and Cholesterol
- Need a delicious Low GI meal
- People who want to learn how to eat clean and cut cravings
- Someone who is looking to improve their mood
- Want to have clearer skin
- Or if you just want to loose some lbs. 

Shakeology is the most amazing thing I have ever put in my body. It contains 70 super foods from around the world. I use to be a depressed sluggish person but since replacing one meal a day with Shakeology i've never felt better about myself and life in general and I have more energy than ever. I've also been able to cut all caffeine. Previously, I was a sugar free Red Bull addict. I couldn't survive a day with out one and as soon as it wore off I felt like a slug. I never had energy.

 If we feed our bodies the right things it will run the way it was meant to run. Our bodies our a Machine. An Advanced Machine! If you fuel a nice expensive car with crappy gas then it is going to run crappy! Well if we feed our bodies with crappy, non nutritious food... our body doesn't even know what to do with and doesn't even recognize then it's going to run crappy. 

Shakeology has also dramatically helped a dear friend of mine. She has been kind enough to share her story with us and I am so happy with what Shakeology has done for her and her life. 

Read her Inspiring story below..... 

Hey y'all!! Im Jerica a wife, a mama of 3, and a cancer survivor. For the past two years since being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer I have struggled tremendously with my weight. I was 8 months pregnant when I was diagnosed and I was induced the next day and two weeks later was in surgery for a Total Thyroidectomy and Lymphadenectomy. If you know anything about the thyroid you know that without one it is SO HARD to feel good let alone lose weight. I was at about 183 pounds and struggled every day to try and lose weight, I would diet and exercise lose twenty pounds and gain it right back.. I always felt tired, and sad, and never ever loved myself. Until Marlena talked me into ordering Shakeology! I started it right away! It took me about a week to find the right mix for me as far as water, ice, and almond milk but now that I have found the way I like it I can't go a day without it. Ive lost 30 lbs in a short month. Less than a month actually.. I know that sounds insane, but its true. I think my body has been missing ALOT of very important vitamins and nutrients since I lost my thyroid and now I have them and I couldn't feel better!! I wake up in the morning, make my shake and I feel great all day! I have energy, I am in a good mood, I just feel plain good. NOT to mention how awesome it feels to go from a size 16 to a 10/11 in less than a month. Im going on a 10 day cruise with my husband for New Years and I must admit, I never imagined I would be buying all of these sexy dresses!! Im a new me, and I can't wait to get back from my cruise and start Les Mills Body Pump to tone up!!

I am so blessed to witness and be a part of her journey in becoming healthy again. I have watched her go through so much at such a young age and I truly believe that Shakeology has cured her and given her back the life she truly deserves. She can now be a better Wife and Mother because she feels better not only in health but she feels better about herself. 

Give Shakeology a try! What do you have to loose? Shakeology contains a 30 day bottom of the bag money back guarantee if you aren't 100% happy with your purchase. 

Contact me to talk more or get started with Shakeology or go to my website. 

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