Friday, December 21, 2012

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

Have you ever wondered what a Beachbody Coach means?

Well I'm here to tell you....

Becoming a Beachbody coach has completely transformed my life. I don't do it for the money. This opportunity is bigger than that. Way bigger!!

My world has completely transformed because of this and I only want to spread the happiness, joy, positive, and uplifting experience with you. You could be apart of this! This world is full of a lot of negative things and people but I'm here to tell you that if you join our team your life will feel so much more positive and fulfilling.

So let's start breaking it down what being a Beachbody coach can do for you and what it actually means.

Here are some reasons why Beachbody coaching may be just what you are looking for or need.

1. If you want to earn an income while being significant in the lives of others and instrumental in reversing the trend of obesity.

2. If you are looking for a job that you will love and love doing each and every single day. (Every day I wake up excited about each day.. seriously!)

3. If you are looking to join a company that is nothing but supportive and shares the same mission and consists of nothing but people who honestly wants to make a difference in this world.

4. If you want to reap the benefits of your hard work with out limitations or restrictions. You Decide how successful you want to be!! The sky is really the LIMIT! If you believe it, I can help you achieve it.

5. If you need help from a successful team that is all about sharing, growing together, and changing the world. We have an awesome team and we have an awesome bond. You could be a part of that!

You don't have to get any kind of special degree to become a beachbody coach.

You don't have to be fit or have reached your personal goal yet.

You only need to be a leader! Lead and help others along your personal journey and believe in the products beachbody offers.

If you are currently working in the health and fitness field and would like to use your expertise to aid you as a coach. That's awesome. Bring it!! Knowledge is POWER!

However, those who are most successful do not necessarily have the most credentials, but the GREATEST desire to Help and Mentor others, whether it's through a transformation experience you went through and completed, or if you are in the middle of your transformation... It doesn't matter! You can still be a great coach and inspire and help others!

You could become a coach to receive the 25% discount on all beachbody products or if you want to hold your self accountable and remain motivated through your own journey the option is up to you!

I welcome all types of coaches and encourage you to join our team whether you are looking to only receive a discount or are wanting to build your own business, inspire others, join our team and experience and be apart of our amazing bond we have.

If you choose to take full advantage of this opportunity, learning to work with your strengths and never giving up, I promise you will achieve unexpected personal growth in addition to financial growth.
Ask me what you need to do to get started or any other questions you may have.

 I would love to have you apart of my team. I'm looking for people who are excited, ready to grow, learn, and take their life to the next level.

Join me today and become party of something bigger then you could ever imagine!

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