Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Piyo Meal Plan and Prep! Piyo is FINALLY here!

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Piyo is here
Piyo is officially here!
Yep, it's official I have started my Piyo journey!! I am extremely excited to share with you my weekly progress and meal plans. I am going all in with this program, giving it 100%, and not missing one workout along the way. I always go for the high intensity type workouts. I even ran my first half marathon last year and plan to do a full marathon in December. This is going to be great to offer my body some flexibility and give it a little care before going through intense training.

Piyo, Day One
Piyo is here - Day 1 
My main goal for Piyo is to tone up, increase my flexibility, and build a strong core. I still have about 10 pounds that I would love to loose but I never focus on the scale but instead in how I feel and how my clothes fit. Seriously, throw that scale out!! 

So here is what Week 1 Looks like: 

Piyo Define, Upper Body
My Booty is sore .. but Excuses don't burn Calories! 

Day 1: Align The Fundamentals. This is 40 minutes long but really breaks down every move so that you can learn the correct form to get the best results from this program. 

Day 2: Define - Lower Body. 25 minute workout that gives full focus on the lower half of your body. YOUR BUM!! HEE HEE! 
Define Piyo Lower Body
Rocking it out

Day 3: Define - Upper Body. 35 minute workout that focuses on the entire upper part of your body, triceps, biceps, and shoulders. 

Day 4: Sweat 35 minutes of fast paced cardio, yoga flow, and body weight resistance training to help sculpt your whole body. 

Day 5: REST

Day 6: Define Lower Body

Day 7: Define Upper Body

Weel 1 is COMPLETE! I got my workouts mixed up a little bit in there but I adjusted! :) 

I am using my 21 day fix containers to portion out my food and am using the Piyo meal plan. 

The first thing I did when I got the program was opened the nutrition guide and in there it has a spot where you can calculate the calories you need daily. Mine came out to 1,135! If it's lower than 1200 you just round up. It's unhealthy to eat less than that a day. So since I wouldn't mind loosing a few pounds, according to the book I will consume 1200 calories a day. I am following the Piyo get lean plan which sets a plan up to gives you the energy you need to POWER through those workouts. 

Don't try and mess with the meal plan. It truly does have your best health needs in mind. If you eat less than the calories it states you should have for too many days you can hurt your body and metabolism. Instead of doing good you will actually be hurting yourself in the long run. Plus, it's not something you can maintain. 

Don't get stressed out about sticking with the exact numbers in the book. As long as you are staying with in 200 - 300 calories in your range you will be good. 

Here is my target range for my eating plan according to the nutrition plan: 

4 servings of primary vegetables 
2 servings of secondary vegetables and grains
2 servings of fresh fruit
4 servings of lean protein
3 servings of healthy fat 

week 1 Piyo Meal Plan
Week 1 Meal Plan Based on 1200 Calories
Exclusive Piyo Challenge Group
Piyo with me - July 7th 

So I encourage you to follow me on my Piyo Journey on Facebook, Instagram and right here on my blog!  I also am accepting applications for a Piyo Test Group! Be the FIRST to GET RESULTS and WIN MONEY in the PROCESS!!

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