Friday, April 5, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers -- Or Bikini's, Shorts, & Beach Vacations

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So we are brining in a new month ONCE AGAIN! You know the saying "April Showers Bring May Flowers!" I like to refer to it as April SWEAT SESSIONS bring MAY Bodies -- and that means lots of sunshine and warm days. It's time to bring some color to your life and skin and bear those legs.

Some of you can't WAIT to put on that brand new bikini you bought in honor of this summer! Others of you are working as hard as you can to get there. You have that bikini hanging out ready to go and you know that NO MATTER WHAT, YOU WILL GET THERE! Some of you are ready to go -- Been working all winter long and can't wait to pull out those hot new summer outfits. Some of you are ignoring the fact that it's right around the corner. You are doing everything you can to block out the thoughts of summer. I will tell you that was me last summer. I had just had a baby -- Well 7 months after I had my baby girl, but i just wasn't where I wanted to be. I hid underneath baggy t-shirts and there was NO way I was getting in a bikini with out a cover up. I hate that feeling. It leaves you feeling insecure and un worthy. You see everyone around you enjoy what the summer months have to offer and you are either covering up as much as you can or declining invites to beach trips, pool days, and to the water park because you don't want to expose yourself.

What about instead of ignoring those feelings, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!? YOU are the only one holding you back from what you truly want. Why do that to yourself? I use to be the same way but instead of sitting there feeling insecure, I made a commitment to NO LONGER FEEL THAT WAY! I got off my butt and worked for what I have. I made the commitment 9 months ago to get online health and fitness support, make an investment in my health and shakeology, and get the help and motivation I needed to get up and DO IT! I can finally say that i'm HAPPY with myself! I no longer hide behind clothes and i'm EXCITED for this summer.

My heart truly breaks for all those people out there that feel insecure, un confident, and hidden from the world because of their depression and lack of belief in yourself.

THIS INSTANT could be the moment that you decide you no longer want to live like that. All it took was a YES. A simple YES to make the investment in changing my life around.

You still have 60 days till summer and a WHOLE lot can happen in 60 days. Please -- Don't let yourself hide behind clothes this summer. Be PROUD and FEEL GOOD about yourself. Loosing weight isn't just about LOOSING WEIGHT -- A whole lot goes behind it.. CONFIDENCE, BELIEF, SELF WORTH, POSITIVITY, HEALTH! I have finally found the key to success and I want to share that with you. Of course it's not going to be easy and it's going to take some hard work on your part. Change is NEVER easy but if you want something BAD ENOUGH you will do anything to get it! SO if you are TIRED of dreading summer then let's change that. I've searched for so long the answers to weight loss -- I've taken weight loss pills that have promised to miraculously let the weight just fall off, I've tried slim fast and starved myself, I've eaten nothing but healthy choice meals. YEA, none of that truly works. I have finally found what TRULY works and something you CAN maintain and that's CLEAN EATING and HARD WORK!

It's time to make these promises to yourself that THIS YEAR will be DIFFERENT! 

There is no better time than NOW to make that commitment to yourself. Make the commitment to loose a few pounds before summer. Make the commitment to be a positive influence to others and inspire others to live a more fulfilling and healthy life. You don't have to start off big but at least START! Make small changes that will eventually make a BIG IMPACT! 

So what are we going to do now!? Where do we go from here? I want to personally invite you to my challenge group that is starting April 25th. It's the perfect time to get ready for summer. Summer is only 60 days away and I want to invite you to my 60 day challenge is designed to get you SUMMER READY! I will help you find a program that will get you the results you are looking for and will meet your persona needs. Programs like P90XTurboFire,Brazil Butt Lift, and ChaLEAN Extreme .. and many more! I'm here to help you find a program that will meet your needs, your fitness level, and your time commitments. In this program you will receive a full calander of what workout you will do each day. No thinking or planning on your part. All you need to do is look at your schedule and push PLAY! Yes, sometimes life can get busy and it's not ALWAYS EASY but I'm here to motivate you give you some tips on making it work for you and MAKING IT HAPPEN! All you have to do is make the COMMITMENT to ME and YOURSELF that you are READY! Ready to say goodbye to the old you and WELCOME the NEW YOU!

Start Date April 25th 

I do require all of my challengers to replace one meal a day with Shakeology. Shakeology is the best things that has ever happen to me. I was very hesitant about it at first and it has made the world of difference in my life. Shakeology is a nutrition shake that contains over 70 super foods that will give you the fuel you need to get through your workouts, give you more natural energy, keep you regular, reduce bloating, cut cravings, and reduce cravings. I do require you drink shakeology the full 60 days after that, it's totally up to you on what you decide to do. If i know what you are doing I can guarantee you the best results. I know that with Shakeology you are guaranteed to have that one meal a day that has the perfect nutrition, perfect serving amount, and will fuel your body with the goodies it needs to give you the maximum results. I will teach you how to plan your meals each week, how to pair foods that will give you the best nutrition and help you loose weight, and share my personal recipes that I use to feed my family and myself. 

When you commit to join my challenge group you will be added in my closed Facebook support group.
In this group, along with the others that join, I will support you, motivate you, and give you tips and recipes to use during your journey. We will also set your goals during the challenge group and hold you accountable to them. YOU WILL SUCCEED! You will check daily with the group and tell us how each day of your journey went. This is a great place to stay motivated and connect with other people that are just like you.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in -- DON'T WAIT! I only have a small number of spots available so that I can really focus on each individual and give the best coaching and support I can!! So what are you waiting for?  

IT's YOUR CHOICE to MAKE THE CHANGE! You can do ANYTHING you set your mind too. SO GET OUT OF THE WAY! It's TIME! 

You can also snag up the opportunity ONLY this month to snag up the Insanity Challenge Pack  for $25 off the original price. This includes the 60 day program and a 30 day supply of shakeology! Don't miss out!! Ask me how you can get this Awesome deal and join my next challenge group.